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Ultra Trimmer

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  • Food Grade Stainless Steel slots are tapered to gauge the size of your bud
  • Cola cutter up to 1/2" in diameter, run your branch through in seconds
  • Aircraft Aluminum Frame for strength & lightweight mobility
  • Adjustable speed controller with heavy duty motor
  • Reversible Settings concave to convex
  • Removable drawer for easy clean up
  • Top drawer 160 mesh screen filter to bottom drawer 220 mesh


The Collective

The trimmer that started it all. This is the perfect size unit for small grow operations

Industrial Trimmer

A larger version of the original (above) this is perfect for large grow operations

Automated Trimmers

All industrial units can be automated - where the deck rolls 3" left and right. This makes it where fewer people can move the product faster without using their hands and trim up to 6 lbs every 20 minutes.

Why UltraTrimmer?

The engineers (who are also growers) that participated in the design of UltraTrimmer took a look at other trimming devices & methods on the market

After extensive research of several devices & their final product, we found that most devices beat up the bud & destroyed the trichomes

Tumbling the bud in round cylindrical devices (even for a MINUTE) destroys trichomes

You don't want to spend $10,000 to $15,000 to destroy your trichomes

The UltraTrimmer will process as much bud as the competition if not more, without destroying trichomes


For best results your product should cure for at least 10 days - 2 weeks in a dark, cool, dry, well ventilated area

Scissors are the only way to trim dry bud without destroying trichomes - but it is very time & people intensive

Enter the UltraTrimmer, a true set of mechanical scissors for trimming bud

A set of scissors on steroids if you will

UltraTrimmer cuts both ways & doesn't stop until your done

With its slow moving parts it simply snips the bud at 232 snips per stroke

The UltraTrimmer Industrial can trim 12 - 18 lbs. per hour, the Original(Collective) 3 lbs. per hour, saving you time & money, without destroying trichomes

While we do suggest only trimming your bud once dried and cured, the UltraTrimmer is designed on the same mechanic principles of scissors. This means it works great on wet bud, damp bud and dried bud all the same.

Any bud that can be trimmed with scissors can be trimmed with the UltraTrimmer in a fraction of the time.

The UltraTrimmer is the ULTIMATE trimming machine available on the market today!

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