• TRIM CLEAN Case/ 4gallon
  • TRIM CLEAN Case/ 4gallon

TRIM CLEAN Case/ 4gallon

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Harvest Helper is the exclusive manufacturers and distributors of TRIM CLEAN a 100% CONCENTRATED Organic Non-Toxic Degreaser/Cleaner. Trimming can be a tough job. Cleaning up when you're finished shouldn't be! TRIM CLEAN eats away at sticky organic materials with the power of all natural & organic terpenes!

Heavy Duty Cleaning: Apply TRIM CLEAN directly, non diluted Rinse with hot water.

Medium Cleaning: Mix 1 part TRIM CLEAN with 10 parts hot water. 

Light Cleaning: Mix 1 part TRIM  CLEAN with 25 parts hot water.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply on surface to be cleaned and allow to penetrate. Scrub with tool of choice and rinse thoroughly with water. DO NOT USE ON vinyl or freshly painted surfaces. Test a small area first.

Great for cleanup of scissors, manual trimmers, auto trimmers, floors, counters, pipes bongs, really it works on anything that gets covered in the sticky stuff that is tough to scrub off!

Give us a call at Harvest Helper or send us a message if you have any questions concerning this product. 

Contains: 100% Concentrated d-limonene, quality control agents

TRIM CLEAN is available in a gallon, quart, pint, and a 4.20 oz spray bottle.

Also available in 55 gallon, 20 gallon, and a 4 gallon/case (bulk discount will apply.)

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