• Dry Sift Screen Set: Medium 4 Screens (SKM4)

Dry Sift Screen Set: Medium 4 Screens (SKM4)

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Dry Sift Screen Set: Medium 4 Screens (SKM4)
Medium sized set of 4 screens for more choice. Grower size Industrial strength trimming and collecting screens. Use these 4 screens for trimming, to collect plant crystals at the same time, or use them with dried trim to make dry sift.


Four (4) monofilament polyester screens
Aluminum frames
26" x 12" x 2"
Mesh Sizes:
1. Top Screen: 250 Micron / 60 Lines per inch
2. 2nd Screen: 165 Micron / 90 Lines per inch
3. 3rd Screen: 149 Micron / 110 Lines per inch
4. Bottom Screen: 75 Micron / 200 Lines per inch
With these four screens you can quickly and efficiently extract your resins from the plant using the first screen and the second screen to help clean the contaminant that has fallen through with your first extraction. Secondary screens are extremely important for consistent quality to be achieved with dry sifting.

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