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CenturionPro 3.0

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Introducing a Food Grade System Built by LP’s.

Introducing the newest addition to the CenturionPro family, the 3.0 trimmer, Medical Grade Trimming System. Not only is this the highest capacity automated trimming machine in the world, this system comes Health Canada/FDA ready with medical grade anodized aluminum and stainless-steel components to meet all regulatory standards.

The 3.0 trimmer is the highest capacity automated trimming machine in the world, guaranteed, producing the work of over 75 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. Suitable for either wet or dry marijuana flowers, this trimming machine will harvest a whopping 60-70 lbs dry (300-350 lbs wet) per hour of use.

Food Grade
Direct Feed Hopper

The 3.0 medical grade trimming system comes standard with a high quality food grade hopper. This component is made of food grade plastic and is designed to handle large amounts of material, therefore meeting the needs of all commercial cannabis producers worldwide. Simply place the plant material in the top tray and work it down into the triple-barrel system for trimming, as needed.

Quality Control

The extra-wide belt conveyor system provides the user with total control over the finished product – hour after hour. In addition, this quality control conveyor allows you to monitor the final trim of your marijuana flowers and apply touch ups, if needed.

* The Quality Control Conveyor is available as an add-on.




Similar to our other trimmers, the body on the new CenturionPro 3.0 trimming machine is made entirely of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, as are the components. As a result, this trimmer can easily withstand moves, cleaning and extended use without issue.



Hardened Steel, 11 Blade Cutting Reel (x3)

Hence the name, the 3.0 trimming machine features three Toro-hardened steel cutting reels, each featuring 11 high-quality blades. In addition, our magnetic blade technology guarantees a consistently sharp blade and the cleanest cut. Furthermore, this trimming machine has the cutting power of almost 2 Gladiator trimmers or 4 of our CenturionPro Original machines and is the biggest machine the cannabis industry.



Rugged, Stainless Steel Tumblers (x3)

The three tumblers on the 3.0 trimming machine are made of rugged, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel instead of aluminum. Furthermore, each of these high-capacity tumblers are 35” in length and 6.5” in diameter giving the CenturionPro 3.0 trimmer a total 78” of cutting surface!



Good Manufacturing Practice

The Mini is used in GMP Certified facilities across North America

*GMP certification requires additional measures be taken, such as record keeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, process validation, and complaint handling. Call us to learn more.



More Cutting Power

The 3.0 trimmer is a monumental trimming machine that can manage 140,000 cuts per minute (almost double what the Gladiator trimmer cuts)! In addition, it has a whopping 6 horsepower leaf collector that produces an impressive 5,000 CFM of pure suction power.



High Processing Capacity

The 3.0 trimmer is a goliath of a machine that is as delicate on flowers as it is impressive to witness. This trimming machine can replace up to 75 human marijuana trimmers – without sacrificing quality. Due to the high processing capacity, the 3.0 trimming machine can harvest an unheard of 60-70 lbs dry product or 300-350 lbs wet material!



Finely Tuned Diverter

The 3.0 trimmer utilizes a unique diverter specifically fine tunes airflow and cut. As a result, this component works to ensure preservation of different marijuana strains and also different densities.



Triple-Bag System

Our Triple-Bag System is designed for cleanliness, as well as trim and keif collection so you don’t waste any of your precious cannabis for further use.





All components of the CenturionPro 3.0 trimming machine are comprised of anodized aluminum and stainless steel so that it is a truly durable machine.



Easy to set up/tear down

For the purpose of saving you time, all of our trimming machines are manufactured to be easy to setup and teardown. As a result, the 3.0 takes 40 minutes to setup and even less for teardown.



Easy to clean

Our new 3.0 trimmer is a monumental trimming machine, but that doesn’t mean cleaning has to be too! In fact, the entire machine (excluding the tumblers) can be cleaned with a pressure washer in 40 minutes.



Easy to maintain

Every trimming machine is built with a simplistic design and also contains less moving components. As a result, makes them easy to maintain and even fix if anything ever goes wrong.



At CenturionPro Solutions, we believe in having our tumblers side-by-side, not back-to-back in order to prevent extended lengths of time that your cannabis is traveling through the machine. Higher quality cutting components and vacuums ensure your cannabis is trimmed in less than half the time of what the other guys recommend.

Less Tumbler Travel, Less Agitation = Better Quality Cannabis