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Bubble Box

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For fans of dry sift herbal extract, the Bubble Box offers 3 layers of filtration in an elegant, locking triple lacquered swirled rosewood box. You will not be disappointed.

This box is the only one of its kind, with three screens for maximum filtration. A true form of full melt clear dome essence. You can achieve the famous full melt dry sift as easy as 1. 2. 3. with this box.

Screen sizes:
-140 micron
-107 micron
-70 micron

Bubble Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 4.5 "

What the Bubbleman says: "An extremely under rated tool, designed for the user, who never much messed with extract. This is the box that allows you to learn about gland sizes, and melt factors, with three screens it gives you the ability to not only separate out your glands by size, but also clean each size to a 99% gland head ratio.. Bubble Box for the win.