BE Hemp Equipment TR-1 Double Trimmer Package

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If you are wondering what is more effective than one TR-1 trimmer, the answer is two TR-1s operating in series. This allows for an increase in throughput without increasing your labor. Two machines can be easily operated by one operator who loads the machine and performs quality assurance at the completed side. With adjustable incline and dual tumbler speed, throughput is at the discretion of the operator. Trim is collected using the dual 2 HP trim collectors. Waist height controls make operation simple.

Safety Controls include easy to reach Emergency Off switch, covers for the belts and an easily removed cover for the main tumbler.

Easy disassembled for cleaning requiring no tools minimizing the amount of down time.

This package includes the following;

(2) TR-1 Trimmer, 1 HP

(1) TR-A004-01 Double Rail Assembly

(1) 4-00068-01 Hopper Assembly

(2) 4-B0001-01 2 HP Trim Collectors

TR-1 Specifications

Operation: Adjustable speeds, allowing for greater control of either quantity or quality
Tumbler: Made of aluminum and 304 stainless steel, our tumbler operates equally well with try and wet flower.
Blades: Made from Tool Steel, ensuring a longer life
FDA/GMP Compliance: Flower only touches Stainless Steel and Aluminum surfaces. Motor lubricants are all FDA approved
Electrical: UL and CSA certified electronics. Operates on a single 110V circuit
User Interface: Built with the operator in mind. Variable speed on the Tumbler. Easy to operate controls at waist level.
Collector Interface: Interfaces with a 6 inch trim collector. Use one in your inventory or buy from us (we have several models)
Manufactured: Built in the USA by farmers, for farmers
Comes With: Interfaceable channel to be able to adjust the angle of the trimmer. Can easily attach to other trimmer's channel to create a two unit line.
Warranty: We stand by our equipment, offering a 5 year warranty

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