BE Hemp Equipment TC-1 Trim Collector

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At 3 HP, this trim collector is built to
compliment or TR-1, and is interchangeable
with many other trim collectors on the
market today. We use a 10 Micron paper
filter to ensure the highest air quality
possible in your trimmer room. To ensure
the filters don’t get clogged, we built a
scrubber into the inside of the filter to knock
the finer kief back into the collection bag.
Leading Particulars
CFM: 1500
Outlet: 5” or 6”
Collection Bag Volume: 5.25 Cubic Feet
Collection Bag Size: 23” x 36”
Voltage: 230V
Max Amperage: 7.8A
Cord: 8 foot with 6-15P Plug
Weight: 54 lbs
Length: 34”
Width: 22”
Height: 74”

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