• 3 NorCal Trim Traps
  • 3 NorCal Trim Traps
  • 3 NorCal Trim Traps
  • 3 NorCal Trim Traps

3 NorCal Trim Traps

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No longer will you throw away thousands of dollars worth of good product, and you will have totes full of hashable material that is ready to process.

As trimmer's work trays become full of fluff and plant material, they simply take their tray over to the tote with the Trim Trap lid and dump out the plant material onto the Trim Trap. After a few quick sifting movements of the bin all the trim will fall into the bin leaving only buds and stems on top of the Trim Trap. Discard the stems, and place any remaining buds back in the tray to be cleaned up and added to the finished product.

What totes will the NorCal TrimTrap fit?

The Trim Trap was designed to fit as a lid on top of 30 inch wide black and yellow 27 gallon totes as well as a few others.

These include-

Costco's Greenmande 27 gallon tote.

Lowes Commander XXL 27 gallon tote and their blue plastic house brand of Rugged 31 gallon totes are compatible.

Both Target and Walmart carry the Homz 27 gallon online and in some stores as well as the black and grey Sterilite Industrial 27 gallon tote in store.

Home Depot carries the compatible grey plastic Rubbermaid 37 gallon Roughneck and the Sterelite Industrial 27 gallon tote. Unfortunately Home Depot cut the size if their HDX 27 gallon totes to 27 inches wide in 2017 and 29 inches in 2015 and 2016 to cut cost, so the Trim Trap will no longer fit. Fortunately any HDX 27 manufactured up until 2015 are compatible with the Trim Trap.

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